Pastor in-charge  主任牧师

Pastor Caleb E K Ong 王荣庆传道

      Pastor Caleb Ong was born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He married Cheryl C R  Ong and have three sons who are all married now. Pastor Ong had dedicated himself to be used by the Lord since his teen age. Due to circumstances he was unable to proceed with his calling after his high school study. Since then he worked in accounting field for 19 years in Kuala Lumpur. In 1987 the family migrated to Melbourne and he joined a bank as an accountant. He took an external course in Monash University, Gippsland College and received a Bachelor of Business and after which he became a CPA. When all his children were graduated from colleges, he felt that it was time to fulfil his life calling and went to study Master of Divinity in Bible College Victoria (Chinese division of Melbourne School of Theology) in 2007 to 2009. He was appointed as a pastor in 2010 by Evangelical Community Church Incorporated to take charge of the Mandarin Congregation in Blackburn.  During his studies in BCV, he and Cheryl had started a cell group in their Point Cook home and in August 1, 2010 a church was formed. (refer to Agape Evangelical Church’s history). 

王荣庆传道出生于马来西亚吉隆坡·。他与师母古洁莉育有三个男孩,都已婚。 王传道在少年时就奉献自己让主用。由于家庭经济关系未能在中学毕业后去就读神学院回应神的呼召。他毕业后在吉隆坡担任会计工作19年。在1987年举家移居到墨尔本,并在一家银行担任会计师。在期间他在Monash大学获得商业学士。之后也获得澳大利亚的注册会计师资格。当孩子们都大学毕业了,他深觉应该用余生之年来回应主的呼召,就离职进入维省神学院(今日的墨尔本神学院华文部)就读硕士学位(2007-2009年)。在2010年被爱邻宣道堂委任为传道负责华文会众。在他读神学时,他与师母洁莉一同在家里开始了一个小组聚会,是在Point Cook的地方。在2010年8月1日圣爱宣道堂就正式的成立。(参教会的历史部)